Mission vision

The entire Harmony system as well as each member are constantly striving to build and develop Harmony to become the leading supplier in Vietnam of integrated solutions and software products in the field of project management, automate the design, creation and exploitation of GIS/GIS 3D/BIM databases …. on the basis of creativity, flexibly applying advanced technology solutions, associated with professional expertise of cutomer.

Thereby, Harmony believes to bring customers satisfaction, trust in product quality, understanding and high professional level; a rich material and spiritual life for all employees.

Company slogan: Together Harmonious Development

Today, in the world of the digital transformation era, implementing Industry 4.0, harmonious growth is always the goal of any country or organization. Harmony wishes to always go together on the path of construction and development of each customer as well as the active career of participating in Vietnam’s Industry 4.0, becoming a reliable partner of each customer throughout the process of carrying out the project. successful digital transformation.

The leading digital transformation solution provider in Vietnam in the following areas:

– Develop and deploy GIS/GIS 3D/BIM applications in smart city construction (Smart City), urban construction planning management, technical infrastructure, environment, archeology. ..

– Deploying the PLM-ERP system to serve the management of construction investment projects, real estate…

  • CAD/BIM application in construction planning, technical infrastructure design, building management and operation (Smart Building)
  • Application of 3D technology applied in the field of education and training
  • Providing offshore/outsoure services, 3D data processing, consulting on building information systems, building digital transformation plans, BIM application…
  • Research and develop new technologies related to PLM-ERP, GIS/GIS 3D/BIM…

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