General introduction

Harmony Company, established in May 1994 with the main orientation is to research and produce application software for the field of construction, planning and environment throughout the country. After nearly 30 years of development and maturity, now Harmony has developed into a system of many professional member companies in the fields of research, development and distribution of software solutions and products in the industry. and abroad. The total number of employees of the whole system is more than 300 people, of which more than 80% have university and postgraduate degrees in the fields of IT, project management PLM (Project Lifecycle Management), GIS, automation design according to Building Information Modeling technology – BIM (Building Information Modeling), system integration … From the experience of developing application software tools in the field of project management, original GIS, together with cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, today Harmony has become a reliable and professional supplier of software products and solutions. Harmony’s solutions and products have been designed and developed on the basis of new and modern technologies, meeting the diverse management requirements, fluctuating in reality and scale of deployment. suitable for the exploitation object model using the system. IT application solutions for project management for state management agencies, investors, contractors, project management consultants … are developed and deployed on a lifecycle management platform. Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) project. Solutions for managing and exploiting GIS, 3D GIS databases for management of urban planning, infrastructure works, environment … With experience in researching and deploying advanced technologies, Hoa has been and is an important partner of many foreign software companies in Nay Uy, Finland, Germany, USA, Canada… Product modules which are responsible for research and development by Harmony have been integrated. integrated into products of Intergraph (USA), ViaNova system globally…

The company has achieved ISO 9001: 2008 certificate (currently ISO 9001: 2015 version) for the field of manufacturing and supplying application software since December 2001 by GLOBAL organization (United Kingdom) granted and maintained by GLOBAL (United Kingdom). continuously until now. Currently, the company is promoting the construction of production processes according to CMMI 3 and ISO 27001 standards

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