Development history

  • May 1994: Established Harmony Co., Ltd
  • 1995 – 1996: Develop and distribute packaged software for customers.
  • 1997: Cooperated with ViaNova (Norway) to develop infrastructure design software
  • 1998: Joined ADN (Autodesk Developer Network)
  • 2001: Received ISO 9001:2000 certificate (now ISO 9001:2015) on manufacturing and supplying application software.
  • 2002: Established joint venture ViaNova System Vietnam (joint venture with Norway, Finland).
  • 2002: IT Gold Cup for export software awarded by Vietnam Informatics Association
  • 2003 – 2005: Established BHTech Company, Harmony Software Technology Joint Stock Company (Harmonysoft); HSD Joint Venture Company (joint venture with Philippines, New Zealand)
    2007: Cooperation in software research and development with COADE (now part of Intergraph, USA)
  • 2008: Commenced construction of Technosoft Building, the company’s headquarters in Cau Giay;
  • 2009: Deploying 3D data modeling services for foreign partners; Developing IT application solutions Manage investment projects according to PLM . technology
  • 2010: Inaugurated Technosoft Building
  • 2011: Launched project management products such as SmartBid, SmartBuild, SmartIPM, SmartCPM…
  • 2013: Research, develop and deploy ERP solutions for the construction industry; GIS 3D, BIM solutions for urban construction planning management, infrastructure design, environment …
  • 2014: Established HICAS (Harmony Integrated CAD Solution) which specializes in software manufacturing for the US market.

HarmonySoft is a software company in the TOP30 of Vietnam’s leading IT companies

  • 2016 – 2017: Established Harmony Enterprise Solution (Harmony ES), Harmony Information System (Harmony IS), Harmony Environment Technologies (Harmony EV) and Harmony Technology and Education (Harmony Edu)
    2020: Renamed the joint venture company ViaNova System Vietnam to Harmony Advanced Technologies (Harmony AT)

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