Smart Civil.Net is a project technical infrastructure management information system.SmartCivil.Net creates and manages information, data, maintenance of works and forms a common data environment (CDE) (Common Data Environment). ), a platform for connecting and sharing data during BIM deployment and application.

Smart home management solution supports both building management and residents living in the building. All problems arising will be reported by residents and the management board will handle those issues. In addition, the software has integrated notification utilities, payment of costs for services, products and goods in the building. AnyBim invites you to try it out to learn more about the product's features.


SmartBuild Enterprise solution, including component modules such as SmartCE Procurement Manager, SmartBid Progress Management, SmartContract Contract Management, SmartBuild Construction Management, Supplier Contractor Management, SmartBuild Supply Material Management and SmartBuild Inventory warehouse management

The investment project management system using state budget capital is designed to computerize the management of investment projects quickly and effectively.

SmartCPM.Net solution will help Investor, PMU increase IT application to manage investment projects effectively and fully.